Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lonely Heroes

Well, having painted a Mumak, a Wraith on Wings and a Hasharin I figured it was about time to start (finally) getting on to the troops. My brother has started doing his Gondor troops, so I thought I'd better make good on my painting too!

Short post today, but first up are the twelve archers that will sit in the howdah above the Mumak.

Here are my three lonely leaders (still a tiny bit of highlighting to finish off the Mumak commander).

Here are the boxes, one box is leftovers from my brother's army, the other is full, all up about 40 guys. I'll use 12 archers for the Mumak, 12 spearmen for the Hasharin and a mix of 6/6 for accompanying the wraith. This is roughly 850 points, though the Mumak upgrades can change that. The Mumak is obviously for stamping and killing. The Hasharin and his spears for attack. The 6/6 mix for holding objectives. Probably not an overly competitive army, but who knows? Really it's for mixing with my brother's army giving a LOT of flexibility and troops!

Here they are after a first colour coat. Graveyard earth on the basic clothing, Mechrite Red for the ties/second layer of clothing, Midnight Blue on the cloak, white on the turban, Boltgun Metal on the metallics, Gorthor Brown on the brown bits (bows, shoes etc).

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