Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feel it hot, hot, hot...

So, over the last couple of days I've polished off the Melta armed Grey Hunter...

He has a melta gun in one hand and a sword in the other. The sword had runes etched into it, so I thought I'd try and do some shiny rune type things in it.

And from this side you see the red and yellow canister on the side of the meltagun in keeping with the other such guns in my force.

Quite happy with how the sword turned out, it's not quite so shiny really.

I quite like the pose too, I tried to make it look as though he were balancing the weight of the two weapons.

And here's my army as it stands (well, all the painted parts except the drop pod, which is at my brother's house at the moment).


  1. Nice shots! Really like pic 4 - good pose.

  2. These look great. Will you be doing any battle reports with them?

    1. Not any time soon, I doubt. My brother hasn't been 100% well, I've had bouts of sickness too and uni is back on! That means painting is still done because I can fit half an hour here or an hour there, but games which take essentially a whole day (due to travel etc.) are pretty much on a standstill at the moment I'm sorry.

      Hopefully things will sort themselves out in the end =)

      I think we both enjoyed our few 40k games but prefer LotR system, though you'd have to ask him to see if he agrees with that. Really we just like the models =)