Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hoist the Banner

Yay! Another guy done!

My banner bearer for pack 2 of grey hunters, nothing particularly fancy here. I'm really pleased with the eyes, though the resolution isn't good enough in this shot, I'll try taking a better one tomorrow maybe. I think sometimes these milk bottle camera shots are great for visibility in terms of light in our dark house, but not so good for getting the angles you'd usually see when playing.

In keeping with the rest of pack 2 he has a bolt pistol instead of a boltgun.

I'm pleased with the shading on the back of the banner too, also the gem thingy on the backpack.

The pack markings are really hard to do, they seem like simple two red triangles on a black background, but due to the curvature of the shoulderpad, it's quite hard to paint them in such a way that they look like triangles from different angles.

Anyway, now Pack 2 has a leader, power weapon, banner bearer and a normal trooper. Lots more guys, but those are the tricky ones out of the way (except maybe the wulfen guy, perhaps I'll do him next).

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  1. These guys are all coming up great! Make sure to do a shot sometime with them together :)