Friday, March 1, 2013

Space Wolf Pack 1

Haven't done much this last few weeks (well, apart from all the real life things!)

Try again, haven't done much hobby stuff this last few weeks!

Had already painted most of Pack 1 of my Space Wolf army, finished the last three troops so now I have a fully painted Dreadnought and Space Wolf Grey Hunter pack.

The pack leader is a wolf guard in power armour named Etako. There is a wulfen (with the wolf helmet), a banner, a melta, a power weapon and five other troops all with bolt guns out. My other Grey Hunter squad is modelled with bolt pistols (purely for aesthetics for further differentiation). I have no idea about the current rules, this project is more for fun because I really like the look of the Space Wolves and the minis were all presents over the years.

This side shows that freehand shoulder pads with the lava wolf motif.

This side shows all the pack markings. Etako stands out with his wolf guard yellow marking.

Here's a bit of a closer shot. 

You can see that Etako has the pack marking on his knee-pad.

And here's the other guys a bit closer up. 

And Loki looms over them all in a hopefully menacing kinda way =)

So there you go, I know many of you are LotR only fans, but allow me my little foibles if you'll be so kind =) I sort of imagine the Space Wolves to be very dwarfish in behaviour and it was Space Crusade that got me into the hobby a bazillion years ago so I've always had a thing for power armour!


  1. Looks great posing on the stepped pyramid :)

  2. Very nice. By the way, who came first, the Dwarf Etako, or the Space Wolf Etako? That pyramid is sure coming in handy when it comes to photo's aye?

    1. About ten years ago I was in the Star Wars Galaxies beta and my randomly generated last name was "Etako". From then on I've used Etako as all sorts of character names in a variety of games. The first miniature Etako was the dwarf, but he's by no means the first Etako =)

    2. That's a nice back story for the origins of the name Etako lol. It's a good name.

  3. nice, got dark vengance for chrismas, however, only painte4d about half of the tactical squad, and havent assembeled most of the choas