Thursday, March 7, 2013

Power Spear

I know I'm on a roll! One of our inconsiderate neighbours (actually a block away) had a VERY noisy dog barking for an hour and a half last night. In an effort to not get aggro I popped downstairs and did some more painting instead of sleeping =)

This is the power weapon grey hunter from my second pack, I decided to do the spear as a power spear. 

Same old shoulderpad...

Back shows a slightly different backpack for some interest...

The second pack has horizontal stripes rather than vertical ones.

And here's a close-up of the spear so you can see it in all the blobby goodness. Looks better at a distance huh! It's just my standard blue colours, midnight blue background, regal blue with a 10/0 brush, enchanted blue over the top of that, ice blue with a 20/0 brush very slightly on top of that (trying to keep inside the older lines) then some white at intersections and on the "bolts" on the spear where the lightning originates from. For those of you who haven't tried this effect before, why not give it a go, remember that it's from a distance that is most important, doesn't matter if it's a bit blobby up close!

Because he's just a trooper I haven't done as neat a job as on Loki (

Working on the banner bearer now, but the munchkin is now awake so it may be a few days before he's done =)

**edit, just noticed that I haven't done the writing on his purity seal on his leg! oops! 

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