Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This year for our family Christmas we decided to eschew the commercialism to some degree. We've all got plenty of stuff already and are trying to be a little more conscious of the greater world. Of course, it's still important to celebrate from time to time! The kids will still get presents, but the adults are doing something a little different. We went with a Kris Kringle, but with rules. You can make something yourself or get something second hand/antique/pre-loved. There should also be reused or recycled and minimal packaging/wrapping.

We drew out of a hat and I got my sister-in-law. Fortunately for me she's a Lord of the Rings fan (of the movies in particular). Very subtly I found out that Aragorn is her favourite character. So I trolled eBay until I found a cheap used metal Aragorn and pounced!

Here is the result of my work...

The original was part painted, so I gave it a clean up and a re-spray.

Here he is unbased:

I tried to keep earthy type colours, the green isn't quite so vibrant under normal light. 

And based, I know, shock of all shocks it's not my underground style.

And the back...

So there you go, almost a pity to be giving it away =) I hope she likes it! More than that, I hope she at least recognises who it is!


  1. Cool! At nothing else, he'd make an awesome paper weight!

    1. I must confess to not wanting to part with it!

  2. Looks great, and I like the basing!

  3. Very nice work, I like the idea you got of "gift with love".
    Merry Christmas!

  4. It looks very nice, your basing is well done as well!