Friday, December 28, 2012

Fell Beast First Wash

Sorry for the dismal pictures. We just don't have great lighting. My desk lamp is great for being able to see what I'm doing, but washes out the photos something shocking!

I finished the highlighting with some bleached bone on the wings...

Here is the top view:

And another angle.

Oh, and the base has had a few more layers done...

This is after a single black wash...

I held it up near my ceiling light to try and get a more natural colour, though probably too close to the bulb really so it's not quite that bright and shiny for real.

Back to the desk lamp for the other angle...

I still want to do one more all over black wash. Then I'll do the veins on the wings and other details like the reins, sword, claws etc. After that another few targeted washes should finish it off!


  1. Looking very nice. I'm tempted to go out and buy myself one now... :)

  2. Hello Sims. I have appreciated your work for more than 2 years.Very Impressive. You might want to give the rider a drybrush of codex grey (or whatever GW has replaced it with.) Makes your Nazgul look a bit more professional.
    ------ ------

    1. Thanks =)
      So far the Nazgul rider is black, heavy Codex Grey highlight, light Fortress Grey highlight and then washed back twice to ensure it's not too bright. Maybe it's not showing well in the pictures!

  3. do you have the new hobbit sbg rules yet?
    Please do a battle report with it.

    1. Lol, thanks for your well thought out request =)
      We'll get around to it when we do. Just a few things to do first:
      1) Get the new rulebook.
      2) Let my brother and I read it.
      3) Find time to play a game given that we have family commitments on the holidays.
      4) Find time to write it all up after finding the time to play.

      In any case, unless I play with my monster armies there's not really much changed anyway.