Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fell Beast

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I won a competition sponsored by Oz Hammer ( and my prize was a Fell Beast!

I'll be using this guy to lead my Harad army (which I haven't started yet apart from a couple of guys and a Mumak) or my Angmar monster army or allied with my goblins or for my brother to mount the Betrayer on. So many practical uses!

So anyway, then we had our overseas trip etc. and I've only just got to putting it together now. I won't be doing any major conversions, but I couldn't resist a little reposing because I'm just compulsive that way.

I sort of wanted my Fell Beast to be looking like it was attacking things below it. So I used the long straight neck, but the angled head.

A bit of greenstuff fixed the join...

I also wanted the claws to be coming more forward, as though it is getting ready to attack something rather than just flying along.

I cut away the pegs they sit on and rotated them forward, then filled the gaps with greenstuff.

I chose the wraith that is looking to the same side as the Fell Beast head and assembled the rest of the kit...

And here's the other side. Today I'll try and get some time to liquid greenstuff the remaining gaps.

It's a really clever kit, the joins are nice, most of the seams are in places that get covered by other things. I really liked the different options to choose too. I'm a bit daunted by the painting, it's a big model! I think it'll be a bit of grey, some more grey then a black wash. I think I need to buy more wash =)

I was tempted to paint it with colours, but in the end I really like the general black, darkness of the wraiths. Given that my armies are usually quite colourful it might be nice to have just a blackness hovering overhead.

Probably shouldn't have written that, if I change my mind I'll feel like an idiot later =)


  1. Well done on the competitions, I missed those, but I have only recently really got back into LOTR.
    Nice job on Fellbeast too, coming on well.

    As for pictures, it really depends how big they look on the post to start with. Yours are a good size already, so I don't often enlarge them further.

  2. For me, I usually do, especially if I want a little bit of help in WIP pictures of minis I currently paint, or at Battle reports

  3. Congrats on the win :) I'm sure that you will come up with a good paint scheme for the fell critter. I held off on painting my Gulavhar for about a year and a half because I didn't think I could do him justice, but I think he turned out fairly well, so I'm sure your will look great.

  4. Love the repose! Looking forward to posts on painting it up!