Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fell Beast Complete!

Well with the hardest part over, there was only probably two hours of work left to finish painting the Fell Beast and here we go...

Firstly you can see I've traced the veins on the wings in Regal Blue. I've also done some brown on the reins, bleached bone on the claws and metal on the metal bits. 

I was pretty worried about the brightness of the blue veins, but I had two things going for me... 1) the lighting in the photo makes it super bright... 2) I was about to wash them in black!

Here you can see the metal on the head and sword a bit better, I've also washed the claws with sepia.

And now the wings are washed more. I traced the veins in black wash, then added another heavy layer of wash around the struts (or whatever they are called). Also washed the metal layers and highlighted the edges.

From above you can see the effect (washed out by my lamp, but imagine it darker and less glary!)

Here it is near my ceiling light. Still a little shiny due to light proximity, but I think the colours are more "natural" to what it actually looks like here.

And here we are, some glue, some holding, some blu-tac and some time later...

And a closer view, sorry about the glare from that lamp, I'll take it over to my brother's house sometime and get a shot with his better lighting on the proper board...

Another angle...

And closer up, from this direction, the glare isn't on the head so much so you can see it a bit better.

And from the top...

And closer...

 Here's a lower angle...

Other side... I really like how dark it stays under the Nazgul's hooded cloak. 

And for perspective, here's a whole host of different minis...

I've spent so much time on the larger ones that the little ones really seem tiny now... almost... miniature!

So there you go, now I'm waiting on my foot Nazgul to be posted (Christmas/New Years not so quick for postage!)

A BIG thanks again to Oz Hammer ( for providing the prize and here's hoping they think I've done it good justice in the paint job!

Now I've just got 35 Haradrim to paint!

And now that I've seen The Hobbit (and LOVED it) I'm sure I'll get suckered in to buying some of those new dwarves... or maybe eagles... or the wargs... droooooool!


  1. Looks great. The wings especially. I wouldn't have thought to do the veins blue, but it totally works.

  2. Came up fantastic! Can't wait to see it in real life :) You're getting a good collection of big monstery things :)

  3. Very nicely done, you are amassing an excellent collection there!
    I'll be intrigue to see how the Fellbeasts do in the game with the new Monster abilities...

  4. great job there. the color is subtle, but a nice change to the true neutral.

    it's amazing how small the balrog looks in those group shots.

  5. Congratulations, it looks excellent :)