Friday, December 21, 2012

Black Fell Beast

**Another annoying reminder to answer the poll question about photos. So far it looks like the majority click for bigger pics.**

Well, as I mentioned, nothing exciting, just some greenstuff and spray paint. I still can't seem to get seams covered properly with greenstuff. I'm sure it's just a matter of doing something, I tried multiple layers of liquid greenstuff but I can still see where the seams are. Then again, maybe I'm just oversensitive or something.

In any case, I thought I'd put one of my eagles in for size comparisons. The eagle is more compact, the wings on the Fell Beast are really huge, very impressive!

This is roughly the pose I'll be going for, flying but head angled down towards the ground (where most of the victims will be!)

The wings sure do look huge from a top view!

I'll be doing a lava base under the Nazgul, so used a bit of greenstuff and sand to cover up the shield and weapons that were originally there.

Anyway, that's the sum of it so far. Not sure what the best way will be to get it balanced on the plastic thing. Haven't worked with anything like this before!

Really hesitant to paint it, not sure what I'm doing, but when am I ever hehe!?


  1. I gave up on getting my ones to balance with that ball-socket joint and just glued them in place. The other issue with the stands is that all the weight of the model is so high up that the clear plastic part breaks really easily - both my ones broke. Good luck painting, I look forward to seeing the results!

    -Blue Dragon (TLA)

  2. wow! Seeing it next to your eagles, it's a pretty big model!

  3. Voted for full size images on wips. However, most of the time I don't, but every now and then I want to see it up close. I almost never on battle reports. I find it breaks up the flow too much, and you take good enough pictures that I don't need to blow them up huge to be able to see what's going on. I do click often enough that I thought I shouldn't vote never, but I don't do every picture for sure.

  4. The problem I have found with liquid greenstuff is it noticeably shrinks as it dries, so you think you've covered the hole/gap , only to find it reappear as the LGS has dried...