Monday, September 10, 2018

Etako's Expeditionaries Battle Company

We're hoping to play some Battle Company games on the weekend, so have begun preparation.

You may recall a very long time ago that Etako Ironfist led an expeditionary force. Well here they are in Battle Company form.

These dwarves have been tasked with forging ahead of the rest of the army, taking on dangerous missions that are best taken in small groups that can get past the enemy unobserved. However, when they are spotted they are geared up and ready to fight!

From left to right we have Boggle Bootmire (Sergeant), Etako Ironfist (Lieutenant), Skodi Strongarm (regular troop), Brynmor Deepminer (Sergeant).

 And trying to snipe from afar we have Archie Longsight and Loki Lightfingers.

It's a small Battle Company, just six models! However, they are dwarven tough and it means that half of them are heroes!

In any case, hopefully we'll see some action with these guys on the weekend!

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