Sunday, September 16, 2018

Etako's Expeditionaries Battle Company First Battle

We've played a few games now and I don't have as much time as I used to so this won't be as thematically written as ye olden days. But hopefully the pics still tell a story!

The first few rounds were trudging forwards. The goblins were on sentry duty and we tried to sneak up as much as possible.

Then I realised that with my stumpy little legs it wasn't going to be possible to just take out a single goblin at a time. So, you know, forward to victory!

The first goblin goes down, but another is up on a cliff, out of reach to attack, but within visual range - the alarm has been raised!

The dwarves charge to try and tackle the goblin, who fights back, shoving the dwarves but not wounding any.

Off the hill Etako and Boggle charge on, while the goblin on the hill wins again! Fortunately the strong dwarven armour keeps them safe, but this is tying up the forward progress while goblins across the board swarm over!

Finally, finally in the next turn Brynmor (who is sitting on blu-tac because super goblin knocked him off the table and he snapped!) uses a point of might to finally kill the goblin who doesn't want to die!

Another two goblins are failing to die! Etako is even wounded, but saves it with a point of fate! At least with their dwarven super armour that'll be the last time I have to worry about being wounded!

Noooo! The goblins attack Boggle, who has a shield and dwarven armour! They roll four sixes and Boggle fails his fate save! Etako almost loses his fight too, but uses might to tip the balance in his favour and slays a noxious green goblin. Still not a fair trade!

Etako takes out another goblin, who are swarming thick and fast to stop the dwarves from advancing. One spear goblin beats back Archie and Brynmor! Fortunately no wounds to the dwarves! Meanwhile in every turn goblin arrows flash past (often only barely missing their own compatriots!)

The dwarves take priority and Archie and Brynmor charge in to hold up some goblins so that Boggle and Skodi can sprint, well, waddle off closer to the prison!

The dwarves get swarmed yet again, but this time Etako and Skodi smash through them. Brynmor, however, just can't seem to catch a break.

With no fate left, Brynmor is hit hard by yet another goblin and falls to his death near the lava lake.

The dwarves thought they were home free, with just one goblin left at the top of the prison stairs, but they leap out from nooks and crevices all over the place! It's an ambush!

In the prison Archie and Skodi leap into action!

An arrow whistles past Etako's head and kills the goblin he was fighting against!

Archie close-combats a goblin to free up Skodi to charge up the stairs.

Etako smashes another goblin with his big two handed axe!

Skodi kills the guard-goblin atop the stairs!

Then we were even more excited and I forgot to take photos! Etako charged up and split the prison door in a single hit! Meanwhile the goblin archers continue to fire down, but the arrows either miss or fail to penetrate the dwarven armour. Archie and Etako bracket Loki to keep him safe, with four of my dwarves still alive the tide has turned and it looks like I might win! Where's Skodi you might ask? Look in the distance...

We added a treasure chest to the scenario with Healing Herbs in it and Skodi went for it!

With three goblin archers shooting non stop Archie is charged by a goblin - who sneaks a nasty dagger past Archie's armour!

Well, at least I have three dwarves left yeah?!

I shifted Etako behind Loki to protect him further and we all laughed at my paranoia - as if three goblin archers could take out another dwarf!

Yikes! They do!

Right, literally at the edge of the board, a goblin arrow takes out Etako! Another arrow hits Loki... but just fails to wound!

Fortunately Skodi and Loki both make it away and the mission is technically a win!

In the post game Battle Company rewards phase I was reinforced by Mighty Montgomery, a shield carrying dwarf. Boggle gets an upgrade to Heavy armour (as he felt pretty let down by his poor showing this time!) Etako, after prying an arrow out of his back, upgrades to heavy armour and can now Furious Charge!

Well that was way hard! I thought I was going to lose for sure, then win, then lose, then win, then just at the last second I almost lost!

Great fun, and pretty good intro to the game after a long time. It was way quicker with only a few dwarves on the team than we remembered from those big thousand point battles!

Next up, the Harad try the same mission, how will it go for them?

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