Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mur'Baj's Marauders

Setting out for plunder, loot and the hope of raising himself further up the ranks of goblinhood, Mur'Baj has cajoled, enticed and beaten some other goblins to come with him.

Mur'baj is the axe-wielding goblin in the centre of this shot, his sergeant Varnik is over near the stairs.

Above them are the other sergeant (this one with a bow) Kar'cha and two archers.

The other goblins are called Ash (shield), Bork (shield), Cur (spear), Duk (spear), Ern (spear), Frig (spear), Glab (bow) and Halc (bow).

Yes, each one starts with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. No prizes for the starting letter of the first new recruit they get =) Although, if you can come up with a simple, suitable goblin name starting with I, let me know!

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