Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don't say that you love me, just tell me that you want me

Well, here's Stage 4 of the Mumak re-paint - the tusks and toenails.
Sure, minor job, but it took a bit of doing still, this monster is really BIG!

Firstly I hit up the internet...

So some have very white tusks, some more browny, in both cases quite blotchy. So that was the look I was going for. Pretty much what I normally do for bone, but on a much, MUCH larger scale!

Firstly a few layers of bleached bone to cover the old blotchy brown.

And same for the toes.

Next some heavy drybrushing of white.

Then a sepia wash, with a concentration near the top where the tusk joins the head.

Then it's more white, heavy again as I kind of like white tusks. 

Toenails are the same, but smaller scale!

Finally there's a brown wash just in streaks near the very end of the tusk to help with the delineation and because I like the effect =)

So far so good (I think!) and now on to the tedious browns and blues that will be on all the straps. Tedious because you have to use a small brush to avoid too much splash damage!


  1. Looking good. :)
    Did you already paint the eyes? They look outstanding!

    1. Thanks =) I'll try to take a closer shot after the warpaint goes on. I used a little dark flesh around it and then washed black so that there's a sort of eyelid effect on it.

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