Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stampy McStamper

I don't know if I said ages ago or not that I scored an ultra cheap Mumak on eBay. Well, I finally took some time to do a bit of work on it today.

It was in several pieces and the howdah is a bit busted and it was missing a tail and was broken from the base. 

My plan is to put together a small force of maybe two or three warbands. I've already decided on a bit of a colour scheme and idea for tying them together but keeping them distinguishable from my brother's army. More on that later though I guess.

For now I've covered the base like my board as it will have some lava etc.

Here the base is all covered up and painted in codex grey. There are a couple of green-stuff pools that will become lava and some small ball bearings that will be bubbles.

A drybrush of fortress grey over the top, which in the glaring light of this photo you may not be able to distinguish from the previous!

The tail is just a bit of paper-clip with greenstuff covering it. At the moment I'm waiting for it to set a bit before I try and sculpt a few lines on the tufty bit at the end. Hopefully the paper clip will give it enough firmness to hold it! I'm not much into sculpting (as you all know by now!). In any case, at least it now has a tail.

I plan on doing a pretty heavy re-paint on the Mumak and howdah itself, so far I haven't even touched it, so don't think that this is what it will look like!


  1. Looking good sim! Will this one have the throwing rocks upgrade, cos its awsome!

  2. Nice find. If you are going to repaint it I'd have a go at scraping off those mould lines down the legs and back, if I were you...

  3. Very nice work Sim! Looking forward to the updates. :D
    Those aren't mold lines. They're gaps from gluing the legs and two halves of the body together.