Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ugly Drybrush

Well, I drybrushed the ropes, wood and blue part of the howdah but I'm not happy with it.
I used my very old Snakebite Leather but it seems to have acquired a greenish tint and doesn't cover well at all, so I'm a bit disappointed in that. I also just don't have a good brush to use for such relatively large areas.

Anyway, I might go over it again to see if I like a thicker colour with another coat. In any case it'll be getting a good coat of brown wash, so maybe that will help too.

Maybe it's not so bad, looking at the photos. Sometimes the light right under my lamp makes things a bit more garish.

I like the bluer colour than the purple too.

Next time I have a chance to work on it, there will be a LOT of brown wash going down! Here's hoping I actually have enough!

I found doing the straps and ropes really tedious and not at all fun. Partly because I didn't have the right tool for the job, partly because I'm not sure I like the colour, mainly because it's just boring!

Still, it's gotta be done and hopefully won't be super noticeable compared to the rest of the monster anyway!


  1. As a whole the Mumake looks great. The wash will probably help darken the straps and rope and bring out the details. I like the Blue better than the traditional red, and the base will match your gaming board.

  2. Yes, i like the look of the blue on it too. A wash always makes things look better too. Just be careful it doesn't drip onto the base.