Monday, July 30, 2012

Devlan to the rescue

Thank goodness for washes!

I think this is "Stage 7" of my alternative mumak paint scheme. It's not really very alternative, but all the pics I could see on the google search were red and/or brown (and most of them a lot better than mine!)

Still, the washes have really helped tone the greeny/yellow edge of the snakebite leather. It's still not my favorite colour, but I might do a slight highlight of bleached bone on the ropy bits and darker brown on the woody bits. 

The brown part of the howdah I might give another wash and then lightly highlight again for some extra contrast.

The blue part was washed with blue and is just about ready for the next phase too. The wickerwork dulled down nicely to a mix of reddish/dark brown with the lighter tops. Not sure how I'll progress with that yet, will sleep on it (not the Mumak, obviously).

You can see some of the wrecked bits on the howdah, don't know what they're from. Glue splashes or things that were stuck that became unstuck, not sure. I continue to find some parts of this model really challenging to paint while it's assembled and had blobbly paint and glue splodges all over it. I think it would be much easier if I'd had the whole thing from scratch, but then I would have had to pay a lot more money - and I'm pretty cheap!

As always, I tell myself every time I paint to reserve judgement until after the wash (and final highlight) but still always stress about it pre-wash!

Thanks for all the ongoing comments and support. The washes were so quick and easy (nice big swathes) that I got them done today even though I only had about an hour off.

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