Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Much Baggy Skin, Blue Mumak and Blue Harad

Well, my lovely wife gave me literally hours to work on the Mumak today!

I was concerned that I wouldn't actually have enough paint to get the skin done as there is an awful lot of it!

Before setting out I wanted to make sure I didn't make it too camoflaged. Since the base is mostly grey, the Mumak couldn't be too identical. To that end I took a punt and went with a Shadow Grey main layer (blue-grey).

A bit of a google search found me a couple of pics of elephants that are kind of bluey underneath the grey.

So off I went! Here's a blue mumak!

I'm sure there's a joke about a blue mumak, but I'll leave that to you =)

Never fear, a heavy drybrush of Fortress Grey eliminates most of the actual blue colour!

Note how it's still grey, but not the same type as the ground.

Next an all over wash of Badab Black sinks into the cracks and all over the skin to further tone down the blue tones.

It took ages to do the whole mumak - it really is a big job and I'm only doing a really simple job on it!

And here he is after a final lighter drybrush of Fortress Grey, hardly blue at all now!

So there you go, that's how you turn a blue mumak into a grey one. It's still a different grey to the base, but the blue-ness is more shadowy rather than blue now. I've lost some detail due to this being a paint-over a previous pretty heavy paint-job, but it's still pretty cool =)

And here's my test-warrior for my colour scheme. I wanted to do something a little different (lol, how unlike me) hopefully I'll cop less flak for this than for my dwarves! I figured that although we saw some Harad in the movies, they had to represent a part of the total, given how nomadic and spread out over such a huge area the Haradrim are. So these guys are dark skinned and wear mostly desert sort of colours, but with blue cloaks. 

I have a design for them worked out too, but have only sketched it so far so you'll have to wait for that one. A blue harad warrior to go with a previously blue mumak =)

The mumak howdah will also be blue, working out how to paint that behind all the already assembled bits is going to be fun =( Anyway, I'll keep you posted, but the next few days will be pretty busy and what time I have for miniatures will be gluing the mumak down properly and fixing up the ground around its feet - hardly exciting I'm afraid!


  1. Looking great! The texture looks awesome on the Mumak's elephant skin!

  2. You got it painted and then paint it blue, or did you wash the color out of it's skin first, and if so, how?

  3. Its going very well, you're making me want to paint mine...

  4. Nice job on the mumak. I love the blue color scheme for the haradrim. I also went for darker skin (and added face coverings to most of them). I think it comes out much better than the GW paintjob.

  5. Thanks guys =)
    @Finrod - if you have a look at the preceding couple of posts it might answer your question! I found a cheap, badly assembled, poorly painted Mumak on eBay and am re-doing it. I just painted over the old paintjob rather than stripping it.

  6. So are you planning to make a small army of haradrim? Won't your brother be annoyed cause when I wanted to start dwarves the dwarf player at my group got a little pissed. Still it's looking good!

    1. I think I have enough guys for three warbands of foot-soldiers. I'll have to convert a few ordinary guys to represent captains.

      As for my brother being annoyed, I'll let him answer that if he wants to, but I don't think so. For starters we just play for fun anyway and my Haradrim will be from a different tribe. Also, it means we can do scenarios with two mumakil without one of us having to go through the rigour of painting two of them!

      I really only bought it because I like painting/modelling and it was so cheap! This way we can play with one big Harad army against my dwarves or goblins or play with smaller Harad armies with the extra variety that more figures gives.

      As for the guy in your group getting pissed, I don't know where to begin with the childishness of that.

    2. Yeah, i don't mind at all :) i also like the idea of another mumak being added to our combined collection of figures, without me having to do any work, lol ! We don't always play as our own army, either. I've controlled the dwarves, and the goblins, in some matches, so it would be interesting for me to attack some harad guys some time too :) ore en to have a mumak vs mumak rival tribes battle !

  7. Cool. Love the paint scheme. The guy getting annoyed is because we are slightly (just a little) competitive and we all try to collect different armies and that's sort of his specialty, but it's alright. Awesome mümak

  8. Hey, sim the Mumak looks absaloutley amazing! I have always been wanting to collect haradrim but got put off by they're pricetag and chose goblins/monsters ( I know cheapskate me :) ) and should I use monsters or wargs and/or riders? =) please reply. You absaloutley ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi all, thanks for the praise!
    @jack - I play with what I think will be fun and cool. Sometimes I feel like a horde, sometimes like monsters and creatures. It's your hobby so go with what you will enjoy the most. Sorry if that's not actually much help!

  10. Cheers! Made my mind up (EVENTUALY!) that I'm gonna mix it up a little and put them working together as they are both really fast and I kneed pace so Im going to split them half and half making them a rather formidable team along with burduhr and co, also thank you so much for replying as Im a young 11 year old looking for some advice! Once again thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! =)

    1. Hey Jack do you have an older brother named Cam by any chance who does fecing because I think I have met him at a competition.