Friday, July 20, 2012

Hotfoot Mumak

Finished the base over the last couple of days and have done a little greenstuff work on the Mumak.

The first coat is the yellow foundation paint, then Golden Yellow, then a bit of Blazing Orange. I use an old brush with frayed bristles and sort of drybrush-dab the paint around, keeping the brightest yellow on the middle parts. There's also a little bit of bright yellow on the bubbles. I'm being vague about the colours because they're in previous posts and I don't know the name of the new colours!

Next blood red is applied in the same way, towards the edges mainly.

Then some Scorched Brown around that. Lastly some black and grey touchups around the edges (not shown in this picture).

So here's the Mumak mounted on the base. At the moment I've got some greenstuff under his feet. There was such a mess of glue and stuff down there! Once it's set I'll add some more glue, then fill any gaps with sand/rocks to match the base.

Here's one example of how poorly it was put together. Look at all those messy splits in there, nothing matches up where it should. Unfortunately there is SO much glue in there that I'd really kill things if I tried to take it apart and put it back together again =(

So instead I've just shoved some greenstuff in there and shaped it to match the surroundings. When I re-paint it it will hardly be noticeable (I hope!)

And you probably noticed I've also put some greenstuff along the more prominent and easy to get to seams. On the back I've used actual greenstuff, on the back of the front leg you can see I've used some liquid greenstuff. I still can't get this stuff to work at hiding gaps/seams. As you can see the seam down the middle is still plenty obvious, just now it's green! The two sides don't match up so one side is a little higher than the other. I'm just not sure how to use the liquid stuff properly I guess. I brush it on like people say, but it pretty much just sinks in and adds a layer. I've done four coats at this stage and it still looks like that. I think I'll just blob it on now, wait for it to dry a bit, then smooth/file it back. Or just leave it as when painted it will hopefully not be so big a deal down there.

I think the mumak tail doesn't look half bad given the quick and easy job I did on it. =)

So there you go, not much progress, and sorry for the super-bright shots, but some progress is better than no progress!

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  1. Your tidying up work is coming on well.

    Liquid greenstuff is a nice little 'tool' but it shrinks down as it dries and isnt much good at filling large gaps. You're better with regular greenstuff, or glooping on the liquid greenstuff thickly...

    Keep it up I'm intrigued.

    I made my Mumak, but never got round to painting it...