Thursday, August 2, 2012

Level up!

My sister-in-law babysat for a couple of hours today, so I got the next level done.
I'd done the underside of it and glued it into place last night before bed, so it was good to go today!

This is stage 9 of the construction/painting job!

I've gone for enchanted blue over regal blue for this layer. It looks a little bright in the photo, but isn't quite that light in normal light.

The next level will have some ice-blue highlights so that the blue gets lighter as it goes upwards. Don't ask why, just because I felt like it =)

As you can see, I'm missing the strut on the back, but may hide it with a cleverly placed banner =)

And here's a view from above!

So close now! Will really try to get the last level done tomorrow, but will depend entirely on the sleeping habits (which are awful) of the boy!


  1. looking great! I'm being edged ever closer to picking up one of these mighty beasts myself!

  2. Coming along really well! Can't wait to see it stomping around with guys up on there!

  3. Just a thought on that missing strut, could you fashion one from one of those short grooved wooden dowels used for joining flatpack furniture. Cut to length and wind some thick thread round for the rope effect and it should work quite well.

    1. Awesome idea - I've got another idea for what to put in the gap that might be too hard for me, so I'll hold this idea ready just in case!