Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mumak Warpaint

Well over the last few days I haven't spent much time on ye olde mumak, but have managed to get the warpaint done. I've chosen to just paint the face rather than the body.

My Haradrim group will be denoted by scorpions, as my brother has used snakes for his. So I doodled up a bit of a scorpion design to use on banners etc.

It's a little hard to see it on the face due to all the curves, but the claws are surrounding the eyes with the tail down near the trunk.

As you can see, I've stuck with the blue colouring.

The outline of the dark blue is cleverly designed to hide some mold lines if you're wondering =)

So there you go, small progress at this stage sorry!


  1. That really is excellent! Thats the one area I struggle with in the painting; free hand artistry - so details such as this and shield designs and banners... Well done!

  2. The war paint on this Mumak is very cool!!