Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Give me a long enough rope...

Well, I spent way too many hours of my day on this today. My day off and I did fiddly little bits, still, they came up pretty well, so I guess it was worth it!

Firstly I went over the woody bits with a highlight of Bestial Brown on all the edges to help it look less uniform.

I was still unhappy with the ropes, so looked at what other people had done. One idea I liked was to paint the smaller bits differently. I whacked bleached bone on them and got this hideous mess...

Fortunately good old Devlan Mud came back to the rescue and dulled them down a lot. Now it looks as though there are dirty ropes holding the howdah together, which I quite like.

The only part I don't like is the very edges, where there's no texture on the model (a bit of laziness on the modeller's part that I can forgive given how massive the whole Mumak is!)

Here's the view from the top as it currently stands. I also don't like the lack of detail on the front forks. I don't know if that's just because they've been painted over numerous times now or if they're naturally less textured, but they're pretty boring and flat.

Here's a closer look underneath, I've painted the buckles metallic to try and make them stand out a bit.

And I'm missing one strut on the second layer, so will have to think about what to do there, but if I just rest the other layers on top of the existing structure you can see how close I am to done!

Almost there! Unfortunately the top part was put together funny and doesn't line up, so I may have to greenstuff a bit to make it all work. Or just glue it anyway and hope it's not too noticeable! Just two small layers of howdah to go!


  1. Its coming together well, keep it up.

  2. great work simmuskhan! I can't wait to see this finished - I love your colour scheme too, a great alternative to the traditional colours

  3. looking great! The ropes turned out fantastically. keep it up!

  4. Very nice! Any work on the crew? ;)