Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mumak Part 10

Yes, part 10!
What a job!

With about fifteen minutes before bed last night then another hour or so this afternoon I finished off the final top part of the howdah!

As you can see, it's slightly lighter in colour than the previous layer. Regal blue - enchanted blue - highlight ice-blue then a heavy blue wash. The poles were done the same way as all the previous ones.

The lighting in our house is cheap CFLs but to get any good light I've been literally holding the Mumak up near the ceiling to get the light just in case you've been wondering about the photos! My desk lamp is super strong and bright (as you know from other photos) so it's just a matter of trying to get a bit of light that doesn't make it too dim or too over bright! When I finally paint up the troops to go with it and play our first game I'll take shots at my brother's house which has MUCH better lighting.

Here it is near the front window, it's mostly winter sunlight illuminating it here.

So there you go! Job done!

Or is it...

Now it's time to work on all the decorations like banners, war paint and a few other things I think I'll have a go at that I won't spoil yet just in case I don't do them!


  1. Barbed chords between the tusks like in the movies or something along those lines would be awesome! It's been a while since I read rules on the Mumak but I think that was an upgrade too. It looks awesome though!

  2. Looks fantastic with the whole howdah in place!

  3. Looking good with the howdah in place.
    I like the eye detail too. Very lifelike.