Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lonely Mumak

Yay! I finished the Mumak!

Please find attached:
1 Mumak on lava base with blue detail and scorpion motif for your Harad army.

Of course, he's a bit lonely because I've only painted one warrior so far, but hey, one at a time =)

I ducked around to my brother's place to take a shot of him on the board instead of the cardboard box!

Here's a top view from the back, showing the warrior on top for colour matching/scale.

Here's a shot of the side, I notice that the lava on the board is a little darker/redder.

Here's a close-up of one side of the banner. As you can see it's the constellation Scorpio with dots for the stars and faint lines joining them up. Antares is nice and red and there are a few little scripty scrawls on there. Oh, also there's a ring in the ear =)

The other side of the banner has the scorpion design on it, same style as the warpaint on the face.

And here's a full shot of the other side. The banner is made from greenstuff. I found a few tutorials on making wavy banners from greenstuff that worked really well. Basically you sandwich greenstuff between some plastic that you've oiled up. Then you roll it as flat as you'd like. Then you line up some pens/brush handles and weave the greenstuff around them to make ripples as you see fit. Then weigh down the ends, let it set overnight then cut to fit the size you want. The ripples stay ripply because it's set greenstuff and it's as easy to work with as you'd expect.

Just leave a few long tabs on the end to wrap around your banner pole. In this case I used some wire and small rings to hang from between the front forks of the howdah.

Just another angle for fun =) This one nicely shows the graduations of colour on the howdah from dark at the bottom to lighter at the top.

And a fairly top-down type shot like you might see while playing.

So there you go! One Mumak ready to trample =) Hope you've enjoyed the VERY long process, but it shows that someone that only has a short amount of time every couple of days can still get a project like a Mumak done, given long enough - ie. no excuses for those of you who've been putting it off!


  1. Very cool, you've done a great job on it, love the Scorpio banner. Well done!

  2. Great work! Love the extra touches like the rings in the ears :)

  3. Very nice man, and I couldn't help but notice you chose a very similar colour pattern to the one I used on My very own Mumakil; Lotr models paint up blue very nicely, You should take a look at mine.
    I have enjoyed reading most of your battle reports too.

    Keep up the good work man 8)

    1. Coolies, good to see there are a few other non-red guys out there!
      Got a link to yours? Would love to see it!

  4. Oh, I get the banner thing now. Very nice work. I never saw the map before on the platform. Your attention to detail is really good. And I'm glad you said about how you made the banner, as it allows others to learn from it and be able to try it out for themselves.

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