Friday, August 31, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posting, combination of me being sick for a while, another semester of uni starting with me having been sick, my PC dying while being sick and uni starting and then my boy getting sick with me having been sick, uni starting and my PC dying.

So, been a little under the hammer!

Anyway, in the mail the other day came some AWESOME. You didn't know you could order awesome? Well you can.

One bit of eBay and two parts Majestic Bear Miniatures.

Don't know the name? Go here:

Yes, that's right, two ents, Radagast and my three eagles will make a 700ish point army =)

The ents are really fantastic sculpts, so much better in my opinion than the plastic GW ents. Here in Australia I could get these two awesome ents plus postage for about the same as ONE Treebeard. Here's hoping I can assemble and paint them well enough to do them justice, they really are great!

I've also won another eBay Radagast that I'll try to get mounted. My brother had a spare horse, but I think it's in too energetic a pose for him, since he's sort of facing sideways and not looking too much like he's riding at full speed!

Anyway, that's it for now, I'll WIP next when they're all glued together. Might take a while, slow setting glue and LOTS of branches!

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  1. Awesome :) I think I can make out a pair of legs in that blister pack - they're bigger than the wizard! Looking forward to seeing the pieces come together.