Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Long Fang Plasma Gunner

Well, it only took three days of spare time - HA!

Sorry if any of you expected to see a completed army any time this decade!

One Long Fang Plasma Gun done.

I went with a sort of green glow for the plasma gun as many people choose blue, but he's already mostly blue!

I quite like the stupidly big weapons, they're just kind of ridiculous so are a lot of fun.

Nothing too fancy on the back, just some lights coloured traffic light style. Don't know why, just 'cos.

The first Long Fang pack will have lightning bolt shoulderpads. I'll let you know about the second pack if/when I eventually get up to them (and think of something).

Hopefully the white/green hugeness of the gun shows up more on the darker board than against the white photo backdrop.

My two Long Fangs and one squashed ratty critter.

And from the other side... You can see all the black undercoated yet-to-be-painted squads there...

Not sure what I'll do next, decisions, decisions, decisions...

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