Thursday, October 31, 2013

More missiles

Here's my week's work, yes, just one trooper, but it's been that sort of week!

He's my third Long Fang and the second missile launcher troop, thanks again to my brother for the launchers and missile!

You know the drill by now...

Try to ignore the askew missile top compared to the rest of it.

The glue shifted as it dried, so the missile only looks properly straight from a few angles, not this one!

One more plasma gunner and the squad leader and the first Long Fang pack will be done!


  1. Hello Sims,
    Love the 40k
    Please do more lotr
    In Regards,
    Mr. Blank

  2. Nicely painted model and the guard launcher fits nicely. My criticism is having it lowered below the lip of your base. It looks like the back end is buried a foot into the earth and detracts from a great looking long fang.

  3. Are you still there? It has been 8 months.

  4. A goodbye would have been nice :/

  5. If you do happen to return, I'd like you to have the Liebster Award! Details on my blog:

  6. Another October 31st has passed. You have created a cult following Sim. Come back to us,

  7. This blog is amazing and inspiring. In fact, it's what inspired me to start playing LOTR SBG in the first place.

  8. It's 2016 and Sim is still not back. Your brother said you are still alive. Please say something! Anything!

  9. Hi all, sorry for the extended absence - it's been one heck of a couple of years, I was completing my Masters while working and still looking after my boy almost full time. So, you know, crazy busy. I don't have a space anymore for painting, though I may get back to it one day. The cost of the miniatures also put me out of the running for buying any more.

    I've only just started getting some of my life back now that my son has turned 5 and has started school and I finished my Masters (and even got a special award for doing so well)!

    My current project has been XCOM 2, the computer game ony came out a week or so ago, but I've managed to fit in a few hours. Mostly, though, I've been playing with the character customisation and have just finished making versions of all the Doctor Whos. Hard with the limited options, but fun =)

    Literally just started today:

    Thanks all for your lovely words and encouragement. If I get more time and miniatures become far cheaper I may go back to the hobby, we'll see what 2016 brings =)

    Really thank you all very much and I'm sorry that I just haven't had any time for hobbies!


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  10. Thank you for the update. I'll be following your new blog! Are you familiar with this XCOM Board Game by FFG?

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