Monday, October 21, 2013

Space Wolf Grey Hunter Pack 2

As promised, here are some shots of my Grey Hunter second pack on some scenery.

I tried to take relatively large shots, so you can click on them for more detail. Unfortunately the lighting isn't crash hot, so they're not super distinct, but you'll get the idea!

If you're keen to see individual ones, just browse the blog as they've each had individual pictures taken in the past. 

Here's the whole crew on the Lava board. Nine Grey hunters with a Wolf Guard in Power Armour to lead them. He has a storm bolter and power fist. The special weapons include a melta-gun (on the right) a power-weapon (spear) on the guy next to him and one guy with a mark of the wulfen (wolf helm, second from the left in the back row).

Here they are posed up on a hill...

Here are some slightly closer pics. I've given them each a different close combat weapon so that no two are alike in the pack. I just didn't want them all to have chainswords. 

The bases go nicely with my battle board so although they look a bit boring sometimes in individual shots, they fit well. Now that they're all together, hopefully it's more obvious that the pack leader has a knee pad in the same style as the pack markings on the shoulderpads.

And the other guys...

This angle shows the shoulderpads. I wish I could say that they were all identical, but they're clearly not!

The pack markings are also not all identical, but they're close enough to pass a basic inspection!

And here they are on white backgrounds just because I was enjoying taking photos.

It sort of looks like they're doing some sort of dance... everybody turn...

And back the other way...

Line dancing space wolves!

I'm really glad I stuck to some little idiosyncrasies while putting these together. I like that the heavy weapons guys (melta guns in packs 1 and 2) have the pointy nosed helmets, that the wulfen guys have the wolf helmets, that the pack markings all match etc...

Anyway, I know that some of you can paint a whole pack in the time it takes me to do a single figure, but I'm not in any rush!


  1. Great work! But now I'm imagining a stop-motion 40k dance movie :)

  2. I am just wondering... not that I don't like Warhammer or anything, and I think that it's cool, but could we please have a LOTR battle report? Maybe Mumak vs balrog :)

  3. yes i would love to see the old dwarfs back agian, they really inspired me to start the hobby in the first place

  4. Yeah, that's why I really come here :)

  5. I'll tell you what, if you come over and do the baby sitting so that I can get four to six hours off and organise it so that my brother has the same hours off and make sure that I don't have any uni assignments I should be working on then I can play a game, then I need more time off afterwards to actually go through the photos and write it all up.

    In the mean time, while I can only get a half an hour here or there I'll just keep painting my backlog =)

    Oh, and if you'd like me to paint LotR stuff feel free to donate minis to me =)

    In the meantime, if you've got any you'd like to share I can link to them from here if you want?

  6. I should mention that it's not that I'm not doing battle reports, it's that I quite literally haven't played a game (either LotR or 40k) since the last time I did a battle report!