Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thunder and Lightning

Here we have my latest (actually, it's a bonus two for the post of one today).

One Wolf Guard - Terminator Armour - Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer. I really do enjoy the Space Wolf troops. They might be a pain and take forever to do (about eight hours on this guy) because there are so many extra bits and pieces that I want to do well, but still, I really love them!

This is the guy climbing a rock that I quite liked the pose of when I built him. I was concerned about some of the green-stuff and angles, but in the end the paint hid all! As always, I'm not a huge fan of the photo as it makes things just not quite the right colours, too bright and it shows a lot of the line-work that blends so much better at a bit of a distance!

The storm shield is supposed to have some sort of energy field that reasons why it is so effective, so I painted it as though it used similar technology to the other power weapons in the army, with bluey-white lightning.

And there's nothing much to see from the back...

More lightning crackling on the hammer head and you can see the power field emanating from the back of the shield from the emitters there.

And, of course, there is lava down underneath =)

Here he is on the table with the rest of the army faintly visible behind him...

And a whole army shot to show the progress (or lack thereof) since last time.

Oh, and in between the more advanced troops I've been slogging through the Grey Hunter troops as well. Here's a guy with bolt pistol and axe (I actually painted him before the thunder hammer guy). Seven of Nine (haha) in his squad. Number eight is now on my painting table and I'll get onto him as soon as I finish blogging.

Squad 2 pack marking there.

Yikes the axe doesn't look quite so obviously blotchy like that in normal lighting! Honest!

Well there you go, another update to keep me motivated.

Speaking of motivation, my brother has done a bit of painting too...


  1. The face on that Wolf Guard is very detailed!
    The part that is REALLY incredible, though, is the lava, both the pool on the Wolf Guard and and the lava on the Grey Hunter shoulder pad.
    Excellent work!

  2. How did you make loki a wolf dreadnought out of a venurable dreadnought, did you just add wolf bits to him from other space wolves boxes?

    1. It was a present from my brother, he got it from Forge World:

  3. Love what you're doing with Space Wolves, Sim! Keep up the good work!