Sunday, October 20, 2013

Space Wolf Grey Hunter with Chainsword

Haven't had much spare time this last week, so have only finished one troop.
The good news is that it's the last Grey Hunter in Pack 2, so I'll do an updated shot of the whole pack next time I get a chance.

Nothing particularly fancy here, probably took me 3-4 hours, I know, I know, I'm not the speediest painter in the world!

I wanted a bit more colour in the unit, so decided to do some hazard stripes on the chainsword like I've seen other people do. Well, not quite as good as some of the others I've seen, but it captures the idea, and doesn't look half bad from a bit of a distance. 

The brown rope holding the skull to the back of the pack was tricky, but I think I did a better job on this one than the last one I did.

This guy is meant to be sort of striding purposefully forward, either weapon ready to go to action, but eyes are looking in the same direction as the bolt pistol. 

So there we go, my second full squad done! Now just two smaller squads, two long fang squads, some terminators and some scouts to go! 

Looking forward to posing the whole squad together at some stage, quite a nice milestone for me.


  1. I like the hazard stripes! I've noticed the Bone bits come up looking pretty nice on your figures, is that just a cream colour, with a brown wash on it? Or do you do drybrushing or something on top of the bone bits as well?

    1. With GW paints: It's a base coat of white, then the bone colour (I think it's called Ushtabi bone or something, just going from memory here), then the raised areas are bleached bone (I don't think they make this anymore, it's just a lighter colour and sometimes not really noticed anyway). After that it's a sepia wash (not brown) then a drybrush of the bone colour (I think it's Tyrant Skull or something).

      I know that you can buy better colours from their website, but I try to minimise my purchases!

      I think as long as you have a good white undercoat you could just do a bone colour, sepia wash, then bone colour or white colour highlight and you'd be fine. I quite like the yellowy bone rather than whitish, so it would depend just how light you want your bone colour to be. Most of the GW stuff (and some of my other minis) use a much whiter coloured bone.

      For example, if you look at my Mumak tusks, Druzhag's skull staff, the skull at the base of the balrog you'll see me using much whiter colours. I think it's probably just mood dependent! Now that I look at some of my others I think that these ones might be too yellow now!