Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wolf Guard Battle Leader

After testing out my frost weapon effect on the previous space wolf assault cannon and frost sword wolf guard terminator I wanted to tackle my second in command.

My army is split into two halves, one half under the wolf lord, the other under the battle leader. He was one of my favourite poses, so I wanted to do a good job on him. It took hours and hours, but I think I've got him finished to my satisfaction now!

Striding purposefully forward with axes spread... (Don't forget you can click on the pic to make it bigger!)

The graduations on the left frost axe aren't as visible when you're not zoomed right up close, but even so I think I did a pretty neat job even if I do say so myself! I know it's nothing compared to lots of the expert painters out there, but for me I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The rear shows the other frost axe and the wolfy pelt bits.

I really do need to get a better photo system. Don't get me wrong, the milk jug light box is way better than my previous method, but it still washes things a bit too brightly.

I took a shot sort of from above (though he fell forward a bit too far) to give some idea of what you'd more likely see while playing =)

So here are my two commanders!

And my whole army as it is now. I've arranged them so that I can more easily see what I've done and have yet to do. The two leaders are in front. Behind them come the terminator wolf guard (of which I've only painted the assault cannon and frost sword guy. There are four in the first (left hand side) part of the army, three in the second. Behind them are two lots of nine grey hunters, each pack led by a wolf guard in power armour. In between those two squads are the lone wolf (terminator), dreadnought and one or two "spares". Behind the dreadnought are two smaller packs of six grey hunters, each with a wolf guard pack leader. Behind them are two squads of four long fangs (heavy weapons) each with a squad leader. And off in the distance are a drop pod and a pack of scouts, with wolf guard leader.

So, plenty left to paint up! I'm sure I'll run out of puff/interest again at some stage, but at the moment I'm really enjoying the painting. It's easy to squeeze in a half hour a day (or more if I'm lucky).


  1. That amazing effect you have on the axes is brilliant. Keep that up!

  2. Wow! I really like that guy's pose! And your blade effects are looking great!