Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brynmor Deepminer

Finished Brynmor. I think. His cloak looks great in natural light, I did about six levels of highlights and it blends in really nicely. Unfortunately the camera flash and zoom in kinda kills it off =(

In any case, his cloak is so, um, sculpted, with flowy bits all over the place. So I'm not really sure if I want to put gold edging on it like I did with Etako or not, you mostly wouldn't be able to see it anyway. I kinda wish he had a flatter cloak, because I have another design I want to try. Oh well, might have to save that for my next King/Captain.

Anyhow, here he is...

Don't forget you can click on the pics for a better quality version, one in which you can see the colours better for starters =)

And here is Etako with the finished Guards...

And, of course, how could I not preview what they look like on the board so their bases don't look quite so out of place!

And now both Etako and Brynmor can each have 3 Khazad Guards and 3 Iron Guards...

So there you go, another brave Hero of the dwarves. At first I thought I'd made the shovel waaaay too big, but then I put him next to the Khazad Guard with their 2-H axes and it doesn't look so bad. It still took the longest of all the bits. I painted it about four times, once bright and shiny with runes on it, once kinda like orc armour with black and silver scratches on it. In the end I just went for metallic, but with a brown wash and highlit front edges. After all, it's been used to dig stuff. 

The runes on the handles are nonsense figures, there wasn't enough space to do proper ones, at least not within my skill! The turquoise bit on the helm has been painted kinda like a gem, not 100% happy with it, but my first go at gem painting. The barrel used Dark Flesh as a base instead of Scorched Brown to set it apart from the brown boots, though I'm not sure the distinction comes clear in the photos.

Speaking of the photos, yes, they are better than my normal camera, I borrowed my sister's, she's got a really good one =)

So now I have a completely themed army without having to use my old blue Gimli model! All that's left is to decide who to use for tomorrow's match... Goblins or Dwarves. I actually think that the goblins with the cave troll and wargs for speed would be the best option, but on the other hand, I just finished painting the dwarves! What a dilemma!

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