Sunday, May 2, 2010


Didn't get much time over the weekend, but managed to squeeze in bits and pieces of highlighting.
Have done second layers on the hair/beards.
Red Gore on top of the Dark Flesh.
Snakebite Leather on top of the Bestial Brown.
Desert Yellow on top of the Khaki.
Fortress Grey on top of the Codex Grey.

I also did another black wash on the cloaks, just in the folds of the cloth.

The faces and hands had dabs of Dwarf Flesh.

The scorched brown boots, scabbards etc. all had some Bestial Brown drybrushing.

Still yet to highlight the purple and *gulp* my least favorite thing - eyes.

Then need to do a final highlight on the hair and beards with some washes.

I have to say, the photos WAY overexaggerate the colours. The red beards are nowhere near that red!

Actually that close-up reminds me that I still have to re-apply some mithril silver on the armour after the wash was done. Also the shields are yet to be done! Still, they're getting there now.

In terms of time, it took about two hours to do the flesh. I did the faces first, pretty much just a dab on the nose, then a streak/blob on each cheek and on some of them a forehead as well. Of course, baldy (see above) had a whole head to do.

The idea is to leave the eyesockets, edges and under the cheeks the darker flesh colour for some contrast. I will probably also do just a tiny bit of Elf Flesh on the tip of the nose and on some of the more prominent cheek bones and lower lips.

The hands were hard, some of the minis don't have much definition so their whole hand is Dwarf Flesh, others I managed to pick out the fingers with the darker flesh showing between them.

Some of the beards were essentially painted the highlight colour, others were highlighted along the hair ridges. Again, due to some models having more definition than others. Also I guess it will give some variation between them which is good.

I keep getting desperate urges to put them all out on the gaming board, but I'm sticking to my guns for the time being and continuing on them. Really want to see the cloaks on the board from above to see if they worked.

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