Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shields up!

Still feeling pretty unwell, but did the shields anyway. Took waaaay longer than it would have otherwise, but the medication I'm on at least helped stabilise my hands a bit. Every now and then a cough would screw up something I'd done, but it's good to have them finished anyway!

The shields have a central bit and three bolts evenly spaced around the outside, so designs with triangles and stuff were what I came up with.

Here are the shields after the first coat. Using Hawk Turquoise for the alternate colour. There will be more of this colour on the metallic dwarves, especially Etako. I should probably add some to the banner as well.

The runes are S and K (simmuskhan).

These runes are E I F (Etako Iron Fist)

Then I outlined the turquoise in ice-blue. The edges of the shield are in Boltgun Metal. A little codex grey was mixed in with the purple for highlights, likewise with the turquoise. A little more was mixed in for a final highlight. You can kinda see it in the picture, but the shading is more noticeable in real life.

Not the greatest job, some of them I like more than others. Still, now I have a full set of warriors, ready to battle with!

As always, click on a picture for a slightly bigger version. The metal figures have been based, just waiting for the PVA to set. Etako has a tiny bit of greenstuff to bulk up his gauntlet and to put an eyepatch over one eye. He's also standing on a couple of very thin slices of gravel to put his head above the others.

Well, you can scroll back to April 19th for the Mad Cat inspiration for my dwarves, and see the progress from when they were still in sprues! I guess that makes it a little over two weeks to get 48 dwarves done.

I don't know how that compares to some of the experts out there, but I'm happy with the results. Oh, and one last photo, I found Gimli that I painted aaaages ago. I'd like to think that the new dwarves are better painted =)

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