Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, been a busy day, but they're about as done as I'm currently in the mood to do them!
I've yet to do the shields, but that's all that's left.

I've got a bit of flu and have completely lost my voice, so have been stuck rugged up on cold and flu drugs. It therefore took me a good long while to do the last few touches, but thank goodness most of it was just washes.

I did the eyes in the morning while I was still steady and then washed the hair, some more browns and miscellaneous touching up.

The eyes were done with a 20/0 brush. I just get a bit of white on the tip, then turn the brush parallel to the mini and try to get a small ellipse of white where the eyes will go.

In my opinion this turns them all into zombie dwarves!

They really did look creepy. As bit an incentive as I could ever imagine to finish dotting the eyes!

The 20/0 brush this time gets some black and then I try to just dot an eyeball. I find this really, really hard and am thoroughly envious of people who are good at this step! When guys were pointing a particular way or lining up their bows or weapons I tried to get the eyeballs to look in that direction.

I think only a couple of them were crosseyed, but there are a few that are a bit bugeyed for my liking. Of course, you can only really see the bugeyed ones from ahead and under slightly, so for gaming when you're over the top of them it's no big deal.

The hair all had a variety of washes. I pretty much did this randomly. I used Gryphonne Sepia, Ogryn Flesh, Devlan Mud mostly. I think one or two were Badab Black, but it was a bit dark.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some board pics, still the dodgy camera sorry.

I'm still not 100% sold on the cloaks, but I have to admit they blend in really well with the board. The guys with the cowl pulled up over their heads are particularly stealthy.

Here are some stout, shieldless warriors.

And some warrior archers...

Oops, and a ranger got in there somehow.

Speaking of rangers...

And from the back...

Well, I'd better get cracking on those shields.
Oh, and as for leaders, I've got a plastic Gimli somewhere, I think I whacked a bit of paint on him aaaaages ago. The metals have had their flashing removed, been scrubbed in soapy water and will be based as soon as I get around to them =)

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  1. I like the mottled grey cloaks, and love the banner too! Looking good!