Monday, May 10, 2010

Khazad Guard

For the scenario we're playing later this week I need two heroes and their guards. So I painted Etako, and already had an old Gimli, but they had no bodyguards so...

Incoming Khazad Guard.

Based as all mine are, sprayed black then here they are with their first coat of paint.
Same as the other dwarves really. Liche Purple, a few bits here and there of Hawk Turquoise. Boltgun metal over all the metal bits, Tallarn Flesh on what little skin you can see. Codex Grey on the bases. Scorched brown on the leather and weapon hafts. The beards got a miscellaneous dose of Scorched Brown, Astronomicon Grey, Iyanden Darksun etc.

As you can see, there are four different poses that I have, two sets of twins. In order to distinguish them for each set I've painted them slightly differently.

So for one I've done inverted bronze and silver and also put gauntlets on one and flesh on the other.

And the backs...

This will also help in our scenario. The three with bronze chainmail and the inner bit of the helmet bronze can be the guards for Etako, the ones with bronze armour plates and bronze outer bit of the helmet can be the guards for Gimli.

Next lot of colouring and layering...

And from the back...

The steps I used were a mix between the batched dwarves and Etako. They got three layers on the purple one straight, one darker with wash, one lighter. The belt/strap was scorched brown/bestial brown/snakebite leather. The hairs were a mix of highlights and washes. The shiny metallics were boltgun/chainmail/mithril, with black washes in the lines between them. The boots and weapons were scorched brown, drybrush/edged bestial brown then devlan mud washed. The skin was tallarn flesh/wash/dwarven flesh highlights.

Here are some shots of Etako and his guard...

Sorry about the camera colourings, still, you get the idea at least!
But... I hear you ask... how different do they look from the batch dwarves?
I'm glad you asked...

So there you have it, a tough outer shell with a tougher inner shell =)
Now I have to decide whether I want the actual face-plate to be silver or bronze on the silver mailed ones.
One of my guard has bronze plating on his face. Why didn't I do it with two more? Well, the one I did the whole plate joins with the helmet. On the others a nose-guard comes down from the top ridge and the face-plate sort of sits underneath it. So I have the noseguard and ridges already bronze and for contrast I left the faceplate silver. Still making up my mind on that dire issue =)

Probably breaking from painting for a little bit and will be away all next week, so the Iron Guard will be on the back-burner for a while I'm sorry to say!


  1. Looking great :) I like their faceplate/masks on their helmets too!

  2. I aggree but (possibly showing my age here) the battle axes always look like clock winder keys to me.