Sunday, May 9, 2010

Etako Ironfist

I've already gone through the long back story of Etako Ironfist.

Today I finally got down to painting him up. I'd already green-stuffed some extra bulk onto his fist for the Ironfist Gauntlet and put a blob over his eye as an eyepatch. He and the other metal dwarves had their spray undercoat ages ago.

You'll probably need to click on the pics for better versions of them, although maybe save that for the final version rather than the intermediate steps.

Coat front number one:

Gone for the same colour scheme as the other dwarves, purple, turquoise and going for a reddy brown beard.
Liche Purple for the cloak, Tallarn Flesh for the skin, Boltgun Metal for the metallics, Codex Grey for the base, Hawk Turquoise for the surcoat thing, Bestial Brown for the hair, Scorched Brown for the small axe handle and strap (don't think it's visible in the pictures).

Second coat:
Some of the metal is gold now, there's been a black wash over the armour which has then been rehighlighted with Mithril Silver. The beard has had a wash and a highlight with a mix of Bestial Brown and Fiery Orange. The flesh has had a wash then some highlights with Dwarf Flesh. The rocks have had some Fortress Grey.

Third coat (well, third lot of photos really): 
The cloak has had four layers of purple. One mixed with black for the shadows, one mixed with a bit of codex grey and one mixed with more codex grey. It is subtle so that it didn't go pink and I'm not sure it comes out in the photos at all. The turquoise area got the same treatment. 

The hair has had two more washes and two more highlights with progressively more orange mixed in. The eye was done - best eye I've ever done! The eyepatch (which is my least favorite part of the model) is black and grey. 

Metals have had a bit more wash and highlights, Burnished Gold on the Shining Gold, more Mithril on the shiny bits. A tiny touch of Elf Flesh on the arm muscles and face. The rock had a teensy tiny bit of white on the edges.

Final coat:
I decided to have a go at doing some freehand and am really happy with how it turned out.
The camera and flash wash out most of the highlighting, but hopefully you get the idea.

The gold on the undermail is in an inverted 'v' shape with mithril closest to the center, gold on the next 'v' out, mithril, then gold on the very edge 'v' shape.

The squarish metallics on the edge of the turquoise is also mithril - gold - mithril - gold etc.

The freehandy bits are a runic 'E' (for Etako) on his turquoise bracer, a gold line on the turquoise underskirt bit and a sort of, I dunno, celticy sort of pattern on the purple cloak. It took aaaaages, but I love it!

I also like the gauntlet, it's big, solid and metallic, but fairly dark metal (because it's very old), although the pictures make it look a little bright. But at the same time it's not so big as if I'd cut a space marine hand (which is what I was going to do. As my first attempt with green-stuff I think it worked well, really it was just sculpting tiny little strips and bolts and attaching them to a hand.

Anyway, I'm really happy with that! Longest I've ever spent on a miniature, probably a good five or six hours? Now I'm thinking I never want to actually play or move it in case I chip off some of the paint!

Thanks to all the help and advice from the TLA and One Ring forums, not to mention the support and kind words. 

Stat-wise I'm thinking similar to Balin but with the option instead of the Durin's Axe +1 to wound and fight-reroll (which is AWESOME when you make two attacks!) he can't use his throwing axe (due to his one-eye difficulties) but can use the Ironfist Gauntlet to give up his two attacks to make one melee sorcerous blast (ie. knockback) to send an opponent flying.

So Balin: possible three kills a turn (throwing axe and two attacks, with a bonus both to-hit and to wound).
Etako: possible two kills a turn (normal two attacks, no bonuses) or one really fun kill (with a possibility of hitting a guy standing behind the one he hits). Perhaps underpowered though fun.

Now on to the Khazad Guard so our next game can be a scenario from the Harad book... but more on that later =) 


  1. Wow! That looks great! I love the details on the cloak and axe, too!

  2. Really like the looks of the iron gauntlet and you did a great job with the paint on him!! Well done!