Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vault Wardens

The only "class" of dwarf left to paint in my forces are the Vault Wardens. I have two teams, but could only face painting one at a time for some reason, you know how it gets sometimes!

I'm hoping to head down to Milsims again when I next get some money to get more of these guys in different poses. (Don't forget if you're in Australia that they're a good option compared to the Games Workshop prices!)

These guys are the bastions of hope and defense that you can essentially use to plug gaps and hold lines. Especially good when defending a position because you don't move back in those situations even if you lose the roll. The only catch is that they're expensive and killing the spearman makes the shield guy get a -1 on all his rolls as he only fights effectively with support.

Here's the spearman. The tip of the spear was cut off, rotated 90 degrees, then glued back on. It was a mess and just didn't want to go. You can tell in close-ups but on the table it's unnoticeable. I did that because I have two identical guys and wanted to break it up a little. 

Here's the shield guy. It took me longer to do the design on the front of the shield than it took to do the entire rest of the mini. Well, probably not, but I'm including the practice time on a bit of paper in that. It's a kind of celtic triangly thing. Of course, being the obsessive that I sometimes am, I painted the dwarf first, then put the shield on. Yes, that included doing highlights on the hand that you'll never see. But I still know it's there!

From the front...

From the side...

From the back...

The "runes" on the back of the shield are just shapes, well, some of them are runes, but by accident in the way that enough straight lines will eventually throw out something that's the same as a rune. I'm thinking I'll do a black wash on the back of the shield. It is a little too shiny at the moment. You can actually see the reflection of the dwarf in the shield. (And he could probably eat off it too!)

And from the other side...
I'm yet to find out why the spear guy has a massive loop of chain on his waist. Does he sometimes attach himself to the shield? 

Anyway, I think I'll use them in today's battle. Maybe. Not sure yet, I have three ideas for forces but I won't say yet, just in case my brother checks this this morning and adjusts his forces to match mine =)

Wish me luck!

Oh, and for those asking on the forums, yes, I'll write up the report as usual, though I can't guarantee it'll be done today 'cos I'm going out after the game and am actually pretty busy for the weekend. I'll try to fit it in though =)


  1. I think that the chain is against trolls.
    The trolls in the movie have a chain around their neck. That's where GW get's their inspiration from ;)

  2. that idea of a reason for a chain is good, I was wondering the same thing, but the other vault warden model has a rope, you would think it's for the same reason as the chain, but that's not going to be much use against a troll

  3. Good job.I really like it.Where are you from?

  4. Thanks Yura =) I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

  5. Nice).really far away from me.I am from Moscow(Russia).I have a big collection of LotR to).