Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drop Pod and Space Wolf

Well, as predicted, I haven't spent more than a couple of hours painting in the last week.

Here's the reason why...

But I have done at least something. My brother had a space marine drop pod that he had been going to use but never got around to. Since he's going to use Imperial Guard ( he very kindly gave me his drop pod. He's making great progress on his assembling and painting.

Anyway, I sprayed it black...

Fantastic progress huh =) 

I have also converted a regular old marine and given him a lick of paint and a wash, but no highlights yet. When I get the Space Wolves Battleforce I'll add some wolfy bits to him. Basically I cut his hand off, cut the fingers and thumb off and reglued them with some greenstuff around a long dagger/short sword. I want all my Grey Hunters to have a modeled close combat weapon. 

As you can see, minimal progress as yet, really just want to try out the colour scheme. Fenris Grey with Shadow Grey on top. They seem so similar in colour that I might skip the Shadow Grey step. This could be due to the lighting though. My lamp blew last week, nearly electrocuting me in the process. Thanks to the guy who invented the fuse box!

The planet the Space Wolves are from, Fenris, is in an elliptical orbit. Most of the time it is frozen oceans. Sometimes though, at the close part of the orbit, you get massive tectonic and volcanic activity. To reflect this, and tie them in with my board and basing scheme, I've been toying with designs. Here's a prototype shoulderpad. 

The wolf head needs some work. Sort of fire and ice I'm going for there, a splash of colour amidst the dark blue/grey of the actual marine and grey of the table. I was thinking of a different snowflake for each troop too, but they are so small to paint!

Anyway, not much progress, but some =)

Let me know what you think.