Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought Part 2b

Well, nothing really to report, just wanted to show off the new close combat arm for the dreadnought.

I'll do as much as I can more, but need some of the wolfy bits from the rest of the force to cover a few bits and pieces. A couple of skulls are in tricky places, or places that will be easily coverable with extra bits. Also, I'll be upgrading him to using flames instead of a bolter to keep the whole heat aspect together and need that from, I hope, the terminator box. Otherwise I may raid some of my brother's left over bits.

Anyway, here he is assembled.

My little boy didn't sleep much last night, so spent most of today coaxing him to sleep. As a result I've glued the new arm together, after taking off any skulls, and have drybrushed the banner in three different greys. Waste of time really, I think they were too similar to each other to really show any definition!

It's way too cold to spray paint today, and probably will be tomorrow too, so it might be a while before that other arm gets any attention. 

Anyway, every day I cross my fingers for some space wolf arrivals!

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