Thursday, March 24, 2011

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

As I mentioned previously, my wife and brother teamed up to get me a Space Wolves army. My wife bought the battleforce and a box of terminators, my brother the codex and a Forge World Space Wolves Dreadnought.

Well, that was more than a month ago! They were ordered from Britain due to things costing, literally, half as much over there as over here due to two factors.

1. The Australian dollar is doing really well.
2. We get completely screwed here (with PC games as well as... ) on prices.

Be that as it may, the postage seems to take forever. We ordered three weeks before my birthday, thinking that would be enough time. Well, the first part of my present, a dreadnought, arrived on Monday 21st (my birthday was the 15th). So sort of woohoo! It was missing the close combat arm, but they're going to send that priority post, be interesting to see how long it takes =)

So here he is (minus an arm) in full blu-tac glory, just for some scale I put him next to the marine and the drop pod.

I keep promising to fill you in on my army fluff and list, and will do so, as soon as I've had a read of the codex to make sure I'm not being too stupid about things. It arrived yesterday (24th) so I'll go grab it today =)

Anyhow, going to fit them in with my existing board, so that means ashy waste and lava, and the dreadnought base is big enough to have some fun!

So here's some cork stacked, with a half skull in the middle for a bubble.

And the legs on top. At this point I realise that I'm going to spend a lot of time making lava that won't be seen due to the dreadnought on top! Oh well, going to do it anyway!

Painted black, then drybrushed Codex Grey.

Middle bit coated with Astronomican Grey.

Fortress Grey drybrush on the cork, Skull White layer in the middle.

A little hint of Bleached Bone on the cork, Golden Yellow slathered on the bottom.

From a distance, you can see a couple of accidental paint splodges, but they are easily cleaned later.

While waiting for the yellow to dry I sprayed the dreadnought after cleaning off all the little bits.

I've never been a fan of the skulls that seem to adorn every spare surface on GW stuff. I'll be leaving wolf skulls alone, but will remove or cover all the others (if I can be bothered after the bazillionth one!) Anyway, here's a Fenris Grey coat.

Some Blood Red is stippled around and drybrushed on the internal rocks to give a bit of a glowy effect.

I'll keep working on it whenever I've got the chance, which depends entirely on the sleeping habits of my 8 week old baby. So yeah. Not entirely predictable would sum that up =) Yesterday he slept about four hours in the afternoon - hence the progress made!

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