Thursday, March 17, 2011

Space Wolf Drop Pod Part 4

Am getting much closer to completion now, I think if you had a dedicated day you could probably do it in a day, certainly if you were just doing a single layer of paint you could.

Here's my blu-tac version of the top central section. Well worth doing a quick blu-tac mock up to see how it all works I think! For starters, there were central sprue bits in some of the sections that needed removing. You don't have to be super neat, just need enough clipped off to allow the central shaft to fit through.

The top few pieces all glue together, and the bottom two glue together separately. What this does is leave the bottom two pieces free to rotate, then you can glue the bottom of the central shaft to the bottom two bits to keep it all together.

You don't have to leave it to rotate, but it'll be cooler to mount the gun so that you can swivel it to face what it shoots at.

I started doing the harness bits too, one word of caution. When you test attach things, be careful when you take it back apart. They are very thin and fragile, I had two of these breakages while doing this. Fortunately they're right in a spot where they're unlikely to be seen anyway, so I just glued it back together. Still, though, be gentle here!

And here you can see I'm testing out how all the bits join together, trying to work out in which order to glue them all together for minimum fuss. I think I'll glue the harness sections to the central bit, then glue it in, then attach one of the big side bits, then attach the top center bit to it, then work around the top, gluing in each big side bit one at a time. Hopefully I'll be able to get them all in place before the glue really sets so that I can wiggle it around into place. I'm not really thinking that I'm going to be too successful, it looks very fidgety! 

Here are the outsides of the finished doors. I've done all the little panelly bits in metallics. And I've just realised looking at the picture that I haven't done the badab black in the central indentation bits to darken them up! Oh, and I'll probably do a bit of Chainmail edging of the metallics too.

Here's the center spindle bit WIP, two light coats of Fenris on it at the moment, but it's all glued together now (and yes, the bottom, well, top in this picture, swivels just fine!)

All the harness bits are glued. However, I didn't hold them together for long enough and when I checked them this morning, the cylindrical bits have separated a bit, also I didn't clean them up enough. All of this means that I'm going to have a rotten time trying to get that part of the assembly together =( Still, this won't be the only drop pod I do, so I've at least learnt something for next time!

Here's what I'd done with the central part of the harnesses before gluing it together. Just a Fenris coat, then some Boltgun on the metal bits, a wash over the metal bits and recesses and a further couple of highlights on selected parts which you'll never see when it's all together anyway! =)

Lastly for today, WIP of the bits that stick onto the central top spindle. 

If I can get a few more hours in over the weekend I may even finish it up by next week some time =)

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  1. Coming up great! I love all the little bits of machinery in the panels in that last picture, and those harnesses have great detail!