Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Space Wolf Drop Pod Part 3

I know it's almost been a week, but I haven't got a lot more done on the Space Wolf Drop Pod since last time. I've done a little detail work and glued a piece or two though and it's slowly but surely coming together.

Did a small amount of colour on the underside (not that you'll ever see it!) Just more Fenris on the main part and some boltgun metal on the metallics, followed by a bit of a Badab wash.

I also did the central plinth bit. It's five pieces that all dovetail together quite nicely. I put it together with some blu-tac first so that I knew how it worked, then glued it together fairly quickly so that I could massage it into shape before any one bit was finished. One the whole thing is assembled you won't really see it, but it has lots of neat little detail bits on it that I couldn't resist painting. Here it is with some undercoated bits...

I also glued together the door parts. Here's the bits I've painted just put together without glue or anything, just to see what it looks like =)

The keen eyed among you may notice an unpainted bit around the bottom edge of the hazard stripes. I didn't realise that bit would show, so I'll have to go touch that up a bit. Here's a close-up of the central plinth, probably too close so that you see the messy bits, which look much better from a bit of a distance.

Oh, and it's my birthday and I got a lamp from my mum and dad, so now when the miniatures my wife and brother got me finally arrive I'll at least have some light to paint them by!

Cool and sci-fi-ish huh =) It's an energy saver, but a longish one with a reflective backing so that you get a really huge amount of light out of it. Even better, it's not hot like my old halogen one, which sometimes dried the paint while still on the brush!

Anyway, my son is sleeping sometimes for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so if I can get the household chores and uni study out of the way I should be able to get a few hours of painting in a week and hopefully you'll see some more progress!

Now come on postal service and dish me up some Space Wolves!

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