Thursday, March 10, 2011

Space Wolf Drop Pod Part 2

Well, sorry for the long time between posts, but this baby doesn't seem to understand my hobby yet =)

My wife has been taking him for daily walks, so I squeeze a little time in here and there (most often for napping rather than painting!)

So here's some of what I've been doing...

Firstly I finished off one drop pod door, then got the rest of them out and have been working on them.

I can't remember what I was up to last time, I think just black spray? Anyway, I clipped these out but forgot to trim the little bits off from where they were attached to the sprues. Rookie mistake, I know! Anyway, you can probably see the nubbly bits poking out in places.

The blue part is Fenris Grey foundation, fairly well watered. I used a 1cm wide flat brush and applied it in a diagonal fashion one way, let it dry a little, then went back in the opposite diagonal. It seems to cover very well. Then I tried to highlight it with a shadow grey/space wolf grey mix. One more heavily on the shadow grey side, one towards the space wolf grey side of things. I'm not planning on going as light as pure space wolf grey, I think it's too bright for my liking (although it would make things a bazillion times easier - I hate mixing paints!)

The other side of the doors are boltgun metal for the metal part, two layers of Iyunden Darksun foundation, a layer of Golden Yellow, then two layers of Bad Moon Yellow, yes, it seriously takes that many layers for my yellow paints to cover it well. I don't know if it's because they're old, or just that I'm impatient. I have a really hard time making yellow cover things without showing brushlines or being too thin to work well.

The black lines are just Chaos Black. Then it's a Badab black wash over the metal bits.

As you can see, I've decided to paint bits first, then assemble. With interior stuff I reckon it's gotta be easier this way.

So here are the doors almost finished. Some neatening up to do yet, but pretty much there.

Here's the platform that sits inside the pod. So far all I've done is a drybrush boltgun metal over the mesh, then a Fenris undercoat.

I've also assembled the undercarriage, had to glue on the little turbine things. Glue's still a tad wet, so no paint on it yet.

And you can see in the above shots that I've clipped out the harnessy bits. I'm just putting them together with blu-tac to see how it all works before I decide the order in which I'll apply paint. I think I'll actually paint the harnesses separately, then assemble the middle column, then paint it, then attach them all together.

I'll try to take WIP shots of that when I get up to it. There's one small trick in that one harness is supposed to be like a commander's one, and has an extra little loop of pipe and attaches next to a little monitor and keyboard on the central column. As I said, I'll WIP it when I get to it!

I've clipped them all out and trimmed the nubs off them, but will have to do a little more trimming to get them to fit snugly together it seems. Still, I'm impressed by the jigsaw nature of the bits that clip into other bits, very clever - though fidgety!

So that's the work in progress so far of my Space Wolves Drop Pod. Birthday is next week, so at some stage I'll actually have some Space Wolves to put together =) Looking forward to putting them all together, though I think it will be a long term project!

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  1. Coming along well - can't wait to see it standing up besides some men!