Sunday, April 8, 2012

Buhrdur Part 3

On this Easter 2012, may the Lord God richly bless you today as he did all those years ago in sending Jesus for us all.

I got a little more painting done, nothing much except painting the layers that need two or three coats to fully block in.

Pretty much everything got a second coat except for the grey fur back, scorched brown straps and base.

Not much difference here except I've neatened up some colour splashes and Boltgun metalled over the Tin Bitz.

So that's the full first coat done (usually takes me the most time) next it's washes (super fast) and then... well I guess I'll take one step at a time!


  1. Your inspring me to give my Buhrdur a go - he's coming on nicely there. Are you going to hit him with wonderous devlin mud?

  2. looking good so far, I may have to buy Buhrdur now

  3. Thanks guys =) Yup mud on the way =)

  4. I LOOOVVVEEEE you're opening! Yes may He! Oh, and cool troll too.

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