Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buhrdur Part 5

Well, although I didn't spend lots of time on him today, it was all nice finishing touch type bits, so that was fun =)

He's complete now. I know I could probably do more, but staying with my philosophy of only using paint from the pot etc, he's pretty much finished.

I'll probably do a few touch-ups when I get a base for him (just ordered one today from GW, so won't be long). Also ordered some bases for my two new eagles =)

Anyhow, I'll try to take him over to my Brother's this week for photos on a proper board.

Here he is in all his angry furiousness. Again, the photo is taken close to a big white bulb, so it's way more washed out than it should be. Hopefully the photos on the battle board will be better!

Back view...

Left side.

Right side...

Close-up. In case you'd been wondering about the odd colours, from the get-go I'd decided I wanted to do a little freehand on him. Since he's got the same defence as a normal cave-troll I figured the leather patches couldn't be very effective as armour. So instead he's stitched in some mementos of previous encounters. On this side you can see a red eye in the style of a Harad army (I'm sure he'll face them at some stage hehe) and a bit of banner from one of the Rohan's horselords.

Totally washed out by the light is one of the white tree emblems you see on Minas Tirith troops.

And a cropped version of the top photo, again, pretend it's not quite so washed out and remember that even from a short distance the colours blend together better!

So there you go, that'll be it for now, I'll update in a few days or a week or whenever I get the base in the mail, glued and painted =)

Now I just need some more wargs and to paint my spider to get a 700 point army of all monsters - muhahahaha!


  1. he looks awesome, looking forwards to the wargs and spider

  2. That is a really clever idea having Buhrdur take memento's from his victims from a range of factions!!!! I'll tell you what - the freehand is fantastic.
    Job well done

  3. Very nice. I was a bit surprised at first at the multi-color scheme, but the whole idea of stealing banners from defeated foes is just brilliant! I likes.

  4. Love the mementos too :) Really like the face - dotted the eyes perfectly!

  5. Thanks all =)I wasn't sure how people would react to the patchwork either. On one side it makes the model look a little unbalanced (though I did try hard to get the placement and colours right to try minimising that) but on the other side, you know I'm a story junkie =)

    @DMS I'll take that as high praise from you - always admired your freehand, those elven cloaks are stunning ( if anyone hasn't seen them - http://www.thedeadmarshes.com/ )

    @Paul Tell me about it, I was as surprised as Buhrdur's first victim when I found that I'd done the eyes that well, complete fluke!

  6. It looks very nice, starting to inspire me to paint my own Buhrdur :)