Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wild Wild Wargs

Well, did a fairly quick job on the wargs. I always mean to do a really good job, but the plastic sculpts just leave me feeling a little flat - like many of the surfaces on the models.

So in the end I really just tried to colour match the new ones with my chieftain. I think I did a pretty good job, they are almost identical in colouring!

I forgot to take my camera around, so these are taken with my brother's camera. They're a little more blue than the picture shows, but you can see how close they are to the chieftain!

And now Buhrdur has his two pets, spiky collars and all. Have to think of suitable names for them now =)

Oh, and I took a picture of the spiders on the board too...

The spiders got a play in today's battle, which I will now start the process of writing up, could take a while, might not post until tomorrow or the day after as it was a biggie!


  1. They look great. May they taste man flesh :D How did you paint the spiders? they look really cool