Thursday, April 5, 2012

Next up... Buhrdur Troll Chieftain

Well, as mentioned previously, my monster army needs some leaders too. Who better to lead trolls than a troll chieftain? It's a rhetorical question.

I got a cheap ebay Buhrdur and found out why it was cheap. A pretty rough casting, it took a while to clip bits off and file other parts down just to get to a stage that was even vaguely able to be glued together.

Even then the bits don't fit well.

Note the massive hole under his armpit (perhaps the odour ate right through?)

Around the torso join and on the front of the arm too...

Still, I love this guy, bestial pose and all. You can't see from this shot, but the sword has a really nasty line on it too.

Liquid greenstuff to the rescue! Just a few layers of this stuff to fill gaps and cover lines... 

Hopefully once I file some of it back where I put it on too thick and spray it all black you'll never know, and I'll have kept the super bargain buy high ground =)

Still don't know whether I'm just unlucky with my metal minis or whether all metal minis have lots of defects or whether the ones I get on eBay are sold because they're so defective to begin with. 

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  1. the metal trolls in particular tend to have a lot of gaps. My bro has a buhrdur, and he tends to make a royal mess of things.