Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monster Mash

So next we have a day spent gluing. I've spent about two and a half hours on the bits on this post...

Another Gamezone eagle. As the last one, check out the gaps! Horrible to put together again, but after the last one turned out so well how could I not get started. Lots of filing and lots of glue and just hoping it'll all hold together and I'll be able to fill the gaps!

As you saw next to the eagle are some wargs. I greenstuffed a collar to go around two warg necks and glued arrow-heads to them so that they have spiked collars. These will be Buhrdur's two attack wargs.

The others are ordinary wargs. I put two in jumping poses and the others are in stalking mode. You can see lots of green on them, that's my attempt with liquid greenstuff to fill in gaps. Not as successful as I'd like, I think I'm not doing it right or something, but I'm on my fourth or fifth layer and some of it still looks sunken =(

Lastly my fifth giant spider. Now that they are cheaper I can fit another in to a 100 point army (also it was cheap on eBay). I used some cork to make a wall shape and have the spider clinging to the wall. A bit of fun =) I think I'll make him a black and grey spider as I've done lots of other colours already for my others.

So there you go. By tomorrow the greenstuff will have cured and the glue should have set and I'll spray the wargs black. They're my priority at the moment (as well as the spider) so that I can have a decent force of monsters for a third army (one dwarf, one goblin, one monster).


  1. That spider looks really good

  2. Very cool. Inspiration for my Moria Army. I think the liquid green stuff is for filling in seams, not gaps.

  3. I agree about the spider - that's great pose! Nice collars on the wargs too!