Sunday, April 15, 2012

Incy Wincy Spider

Well, my giant spider didn't take a giant amount of effort, thank goodness! Maybe it's just after eagles and trolls anything else seems easy!

I did a search for black spider on google, then saw one or two with yellow markings I particularly liked so did a search for black and yellow spider. 

A few pictures I liked sat on my computer monitor as I painted it up.

Anyway, super simple, chaos black with a codex grey drybrush followed with a black wash then a gloss coat on the non-furry bits. The yellow was just Iyanden darksun, golden yellow then a thin stripe of bad moon yellow. Don't know what their new names are sorry!

In no particular order are the, um, rear end of the spider...

What you see from the other side...

The top of the spider...

And a front-on view as you're about to get munched by a large dog sized spider...

As always, the lighting is terrible, I'll try to get some shots on the board properly at my brother's house sometime for you.

So now I have a nest of spiders! In the old rules they were 25 points each, so four gave me an even 100. Now that they're only 20 points each I just HAD to get one more =)

All I need to do now is get the new Ashrak (or whatever he's called) that can upgrade the spiders to super poisonous!


  1. The spiders all look really cool!

  2. I particularly like the John Deere spider.

  3. The John Deere one is going to mow over the opposition =)

  4. Love the spiders. Ever think about getting a spider queen?

  5. I've thought about it but they're expensive (in dollar terms) and the model doesn't really inspire me. I'll probably cave one day =)

  6. trust an Australian to love some nice big spiders!! =) great job with there backs it really makes them stand out

    1. Thanks =) they're much smaller than the ones we get around here, but our local spiders are boring and brown =(